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Ecosystem Content

Powerful, central platform for managing content

Use our powerful central platform to manage API and financial message definitions. Our platform is part Content Management System, part Developer IDE, and allows you to prepare documentation, business validation rules and example data, and to define simulated responses, and test data.

Easy to share, easy to deploy, packaged components

Share content across teams and systems within your organisation, and with third parties. Publish documentation and Implementation Guides as PDF or Word, as browseable web applications, or via API. Autogenerate Validator Service, Simulator Service and API Sandboxes based on business validation and simulation rules. Autogenerate test and example data based on test scenario logic. Deploy to XMLdation Corporate Onboarding Solution, and use DevOps delivery mechanisms to deploy into API Developer Portals and Test Automation Frameworks.

Collaborative environment

Support collaboration between business product owners, analysts, developers and testers on a central platform. Business product owners and analysts control documentation for product services, developers add validation and simulation rules, and testers supplement with logic for creating test data.

Reusable components

Build upon the projects pre-configured on our central platform. Reuse existing rules libraries, test logic, and example files for ISO 20022, CGI-MP, and SWIFT MT messages. Layer customisations for your own organisation on top of industry standard libraries, and create new shared libraries to be reused across your own projects.