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Business Test Scenarios

Repeatable test data generation process

Generate data for business test scenarios in API, ISO 20022 or SWIFT MT format. Manage the test scenario logic on our central platform. Generate data on the central platform or on premise, supplying your own business-specific fields such as IBANs, customer names and addresses.
Replace manual test data creation processes for greater efficiency, improved coverage, and a repeatable test creation process essential for continuous testing cycles, upgrades, and renewal projects.

High volume API-based validation

Access our validation components programmatically via API for high volumes. Test files received from external parties. Improve exception handling processes with detailed diagnostics, and resolve failures quickly. Test against a range of off-the-shelf validation components for ISO 20022 and SWIFT MT market practices, or request customised validation components that reflect your own organisation’s usage rules.

Compatible with Test Automation Frameworks

Submit test data covering meaningful business test scenarios to your continuous test environment. Automatically regenerate data with up-to-date timestamps, and resubmit as part of your continuous testing cycle.
Use Validator, Simulator and API Sandbox components, DevOps delivery mechanisms, and industry test framework automation & process orchestration capabilities, to create end to end simulated environments.

Support a formal certification process

Provide clients with a means to certify their implementations against a well-defined set of test cases using our Validator, Simulator and API Sandbox components. Use our test data generation solution to provide clients with a fast and easy means to create their own test data for the certification process.