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XMLdation is born in the cloud. Our modern technology stack is robust, secure and scalable.

Our platform provides a financial-services dedicated, single platform for technical on-boarding of customers, partners and participants. 

Financial Messaging, Simplified

The platform is not domain agnostic. It embeds deep support for financial messaging and APIs and for market practices regarding their usage. The platform simplifies the task of adopting new formats across bank, clearer, vendor and corporate systems.   

Test and Integrate

The platform offers Validation, Test Data Generation and Simulation features for testing use cases and a smoother integration process. The platform features can be used via the user friendly browser user interface, or via the platform’s off-the-shelf APIs. 

The platform offers a Mapping feature, used as part of the Bridge solution for production payment flows, for non-standard integrations.


The platform Studio component is a powerful tool for configuring the platform so that it closely matches the business logic in your systems. Studio is used to configure Validation, Test Data Generation, Mapping and Simulation on the platform relating to the files, messages and APIs in your systems. Studio contains reusable assets for the most common standards

Customers can themselves configure the platform using Studio, with training and support from XMLdation. 


We deploy into Docker containers and Kubernetes clusters on Google Cloud Platform and on premises. 

XMLdation supports alternative cloud platforms, and on premise configurations based on customer request. 


Customers can manage user accounts directly in the Platform, or through integration with their own identity management system. Our reporting capabilities allow for easy monitoring of user activities.


XMLdation supports connectors in our platform, with customised transport layer headers for message exchange between systems, on customer request.


The XMLdation cloud service is secure, separate from any customer environments. 
 XMLdation adheres to security best practices and uses ISO 27001 certified suppliers. 

Value for XMLdation customers: accelerated delivery

Our platform offers many, ready to use, built-in features that simplify adoption of standardised and proprietary financial messaging. Designed for onboarding use cases in cloud and on-premise, it is highly configurable, robust and scalable.
The value for customers and users is accelerated delivery and a step change in maintenance cycles. 
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