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Corporate Support and Onboarding

Easy to use Validator service

Provide Corporate IT Departments with direct access to our Validator Service, reducing manual support effort at the banks as Developers integrate to bank ISO 20022 and SWIFT MT payments services. Developers upload files produced by their ERP systems, validate and receive detailed error reports directing them on how to correctly prepare files for the banks.

Intelligent Simulator Service

Help Corporate IT Departments to get straight through processing and automated reconciliation working on their ERP systems by providing direct access to our Simulator Service. Developers upload files output from their ERP, and receive simulated response files using the data from the uploaded files covering a range of business scenarios e.g. payment status files containing rejected payments.

Direct access to example files

Provide Developers at Corporate IT Departments with direct access to example ISO 20022 and SWIFT MT files, for a quick and easy start to their implementation project.

High quality Message Implementation Guides

Provide high quality implementation guides for your financial messaging, covering message structure, and usage rules.

Easy access to our services

Our automated user registration process allows banks to open the Validator and Simulator services in a controlled way to Corporate customers with minimal effort. The bank issues a code to Corporate IT Teams. The corporate developers register with the code, and are given 30 day access to XMLdation Services.

It’s easy to set up new users, and to monitor Services usage.

Direct links to wiki entries

We maintain a public, searchable wiki with information about payment transaction services, covering general information about IBANs, creditor references, payment instruments etc as well as information on bank specific market practices. Message Implementation Guides and Validator error reports include direct links to wiki entries.