About us

Born to simplify the financial transaction process

More than 20 banks and finance transaction providers around the world depend on XMLdation to ease their workload by providing solutions which enable them to focus on their core operations.

The company was founded in 2009 by two financial industry professionals as they discovered a true market need and the difficulty to test financial messages rapidly.

Everything is in the cloud

Today, XMLdation has grown to be the most recommended provider of development and onboarding services for standardized transaction messages: ISO 20022 XML, SWIFT MT and MX, JSON-APIs and others. We provide validation, simulation and message management SaaS, along with our expert consulting and tailored project assistance.

Our aim is to make the testing of financial message transactions easier and faster than ever before.

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  • 2009Established

Who we are

  • Aatu Hieta

    Aatu Hieta

    Technical Specialist

  • Antero Mäenpää

    Antero Mäenpää

    Senior Technical Specialist

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  • Antti Punkari

    Antti Punkari

    Senior Advisor, Chairman of the Board

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  • David Garry

    David Garry


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  • Didier Robert

    Didier Robert

    Sales Manager

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  • Jaakko Kantonen

    Jaakko Kantonen

    Software Engineer

  • Jani Sundström

    Jani Sundström

    UX Designer

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  • Jarkko Leppälahti

    Jarkko Leppälahti


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  • Jonna Ikonen

    Jonna Ikonen

    Marketing Manager

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  • Juha Hakomäki

    Juha Hakomäki

    Head of Product

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  • Juha Keski-Nisula

    Juha Keski-Nisula


    +358 (0)40 079 19 55

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  • Jussi Kirvesmäki

    Jussi Kirvesmäki

    Technical Specialist

  • Matti Pahkuri

    Matti Pahkuri

    Junior Software Engineer

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  • Tricia Balfe

    Tricia Balfe

    Head of Services

    +353 87 316 89 26

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  • Ville Saukko

    Ville Saukko

    Technical Specialist

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