Free webinarWEBINAR: ISO 20022 in the year 2020 – All you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

FREE WEBINAR: Tuesday 19th May 2020, 3PM Europe CEST / 9AM North America EST

So many of the 2020 payments industry events have now been cancelled, the latest being SIBOS. These events are a great opportunity to step back and analyse the wide-scale changes that financial institutions need to plan for.  In the absence of these events, we thought it might be helpful to host a webinar on one of the big topics affecting bank payments: Recent developments on ISO 20022.

Pace of adoption of ISO 20022 varies between markets and across banks, but there are two trends evident that mean that most banks need to have some sort of initiative around ISO 20022:
  1. Adoption of ISO 20022 for payments between banks. SWIFT is migrating to ISO 20022 for international wires, and ISO 20022 is being adopted across many payment schemes, most especially for high value and real time payments.
  2. Demand for ISO 20022 from corporate treasuries. Increasing numbers of corporate bank clients look to further automate their payments processes using ISO 20022.
XMLdation has been working with ISO 20022 since 2009 – as a matter fact, the company was founded around the introduction SEPA, the European adoption of ISO 20022. We are continuously asked questions on the topic, and have been involved in a lot of discussions. So – let’s share some of our expertise.
In order to make the webinar more tailored for you, we would like to also solicit questions in advance from you! Pop in a question into the webinar signup form, and we will collate questions and prepare responses.

To assist you for ideas on questions, here’s some we’ve been asked recently:

  • What parts of bank operations are impacted by ISO 20022?
  • How does ISO 20022 impact different client segments?
  • I am working on banking APIs. Do I need to know about ISO 20022?
  • Some real-time payment schemes use ISO 8583 rather than ISO 20022. Why and will that change to ISO 20022?
  • We are expanding our usage of ISO 20022 in a few places at the bank, but we are not using it end to end. Are there any best practices we should follow?


Tricia Balfe
Head of Product and Services
XMLdation Ltd.

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