[Infographic] Payment Systems Modernization

Many payments systems around the world are being improved or rebuilt to serve the needs of a modern, digital culture. Payments System Modernization is a huge challenge that affects the entire payments ecosystem.

We created an Infographic that shows the breadth of the impact globally for real time, high value, and other types of payments.

A few of the things we cover in this Infographic:

  • The Payments Ecosystem
  •  Examples of Payments Modernization Programs
  •  Challenges of Modernization
  •  Phases in a Modernization Program
  •  Standardization and ISO 20022 Messages for Real Time
  •  Smoothing the path to Modernization with automated testing for the ecosystem

About XMLdation

XMLdation is a world leader in testing for payments messaging and APIs, covering ISO 20022, SWIFT MT along with national and proprietary payments formats.

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