NACHA Payments Innovation Alliance Meeting

NACHA, the Electronic Payments Association and steward of the ACH Network in the US, held their Payments Innovation Alliance Meeting on October 11th to 13th 2017 in New York.

Some of the interesting topics covered were:

  • Payments System Modernization in Canada, including a discussion on how ISO 20022 fits with this effort
  • Real-Time solutions for payments in the US, including the real-time payments infrastructure being put in place by The Clearing House
  • Efforts around ISO 20022 adoption in the US, including the work underway at the Federal Reserve to convert the U.S. Wire Transfer System(High Value) to ISO20022
  • Banking APIs, covering activities of the NACHA ASIG team (API Standardization Industry Group), as well as international activities around API adoption for banking services such as Open banking in the UK and PSD2 in Europe.

Jarkko Leppalahti and Tricia Balfe from XMLdation both attended. Tricia gave a joint presentation alongside David Chance from Dovetail (now Fiserv) titled “A Global Perspective on APIs”.

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