Fintech Bridge | Ireland-Germany

Fintech Ireland have been organising “fintech bridge” events, joint events with Fintech communities in other countries. For their most recent event on March 22nd, they teamed up with Fintech Hamburg. On the Irish side, the event was hosted in Trinity College Dublin, looking out on Trinity College Library, where the 9th century Book of Kells, is on display.

The event was hosted in the Figo offices in Hamburg, with a live feed between the two locations. Event organiser, Dave Anderson from Fintech Ireland, gives an account of the event here. Dave and Lars Markull from Figo talked about the Fintech scene in Ireland and Hamburg, and Tricia Balfe spoke about the XMLdation journey. The recording can be found from here.

Then there was a line-up of Fintech companies for the fintech battle: Hublio, Ostia Solutions and the Payments Works on the Irish side, and Ownly, Deposit Solutions and Fino Digital on the Hamburg side. Each company gave a 5 minute pitch, and the participants/audience on both sides tweeted their votes to select a winner. The audience vote went to Hublio and Fino Digital. Deposit Solutions stood out as a very mature Fintech company, working with banks to provide a really interesting service that allows savers to choose multiple savings products from several banks using one bank account.

Interesting event  ̶  and it looked like there was some good beer on the German side. Unfortunately the Irish event was held in a library and no alcohol was allowed…

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