eInvoicing Seminar : Towards Digitalization

XMLdation organized a breakfast seminar on new developments in e-Invoicing on October 27th 2016 in Helsinki, Finland. We initially aimed the seminar to be a small-scale, focused event gathering together a group of people working on practical matters around e-Invoicing, and have opinions on what are the current challenges preventing larger uptake and who are hungry to get more information. By the time we had gotten over 80 sign ups in a few weeks, we realized that this is a topic that seems to be of real interest to a wide group of people!

As a first speaker, we had Olli-Pekka Rissanen, who works in the Finnish Ministry of Finance as a Special Advisor. His role is to guide the implementation of the digitalization policy set by the Finnish government; e-Invoicing is one in these areas. However, as noted in his speech, many items in the digital agenda of the government seem to progress with good pace, such as the digital register for real estate, but electronic invoicing in public sector is unfortunately lagging behind. Olli-Pekka faced really hard questions from the audience on how the public sector’s e-Invoicing will be planned to be developed, which signaled that the audience really wants to see this happen.

Download Olli-Pekka’s slides (in Finnish)

Second speaker was Pirjo Ilola from the Federation of Finnish Financial services. Her speech was focused on new national standards in Finland in e-Invoicing and related topics such as electronic payment receipts. The planned new release on the Finvoice standard raised a lot of questions on what will be included, but it does seem that the most stakeholders are really satisfied to see the standard evolving.

Download Pirjo’s slides (in Finnish)

Because of the wide interest in the topic of e-Invoicing, this certainly wasn’t our last event regarding the topic. By subscribing us you will be among the first to know about our latest developments and upcoming events.

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