Platform testing and test data

Ever more complex processes require huge amounts of test data; developers need valid or erroneous files; often a realistic combination of both and with a range of requirements for their content. Generated in an instant, the test data delivered by our service facilitates efficient platform testing. XMLdation offers the most comprehensive test data with minimal effort, for XML and JSON.

Commonly created manually or using custom-made scripts, conventional test message batches can only ever simulate a limited subset of almost endless valid and erroneous test cases. A versatile message management platform provides a solution for the problem: creating test files for entire business rule stacks becomes a matter of seconds.

Test file generation

Test files for even the most complex scenarios are swiftly created with XMLdation myXML - after initial setup literally "at the click of a button". As schemas and rules are initially stored in the message management system, every rule can be saved along with instructions for required test cases: using an interactive user interface, the user comfortably defines scenarios and instructions for later generating a comprehensive set of test files.

Common standard formats, such as ISO 20022 XML, CGI-MP, EPC, or country-level standards, are available by default as reusable public libraries, bringing along baseline test scenario setups for immediate use. The template file used for generating the erroneous message variants can also be changed by the developer on the fly, increasing the amount of easily available test cases exponentially. Inclusion of up-to-date timestamps, running IDs or calculated values, and customer-specific data are easy to achieve.




Facilitating efficient and secure platform testing

Platform testing needs to be carried out under real-life conditions, for example with a mix of valid and erroneous messages at a certain ratio. Where the manual creation of such data sets would require significant investments, with an outcome of unpredictable quality, our versatile test file generation engine allows to simulate these scenarios with ease.

And whenever specifications or requirements change, new data sets can be created automatically without further setup: change the data creation rules and have the system generate a new batch of data.

For contexts where the test data itself is sensitive, it is possible to deploy our test file generation component on-premise. This locally deployed application (a Java archive, .jar) is generated based on the information stored in the XMLdation cloud platform and can then be integrated with systems not connected to the internet. This way data such as account numbers, reference codes, and debtor/creditor names can be processed entirely within the bank's systems.
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