The challenges we solve for you

The implementation of XML/JSON messaging workflows based on new standards calls for means to reduce complexity and speed up processes. We provide banks, e-invoice operators, payment platform providers, clearing houses, and a broad range of non-finance transaction providers, such as logistics companies, with services featuring low start-up costs and a high ROI from day one.

With over 7 years of finance sector experience – namely the pan-European SEPA effort and the introduction of ISO20022 messaging for payment transactions – XMLdation provides cloud-based tools and expert consulting for all industries relying on the accurate and efficient implementation of message-based transactions.

What and how?

Our SaaS offering provides market-leader services for efficient message validation, comprehensive end-to-end simulation, easy test file generation (from dozens to millions), and an integrated software suite for centralized message management, incl. advanced documentation and collaboration. Our cloud service bundles all message management and testing tasks into one platform—allowing you to focus on your core business:
  • Designed around global standards and specific business rules, our service reduces complexity by creating one easy-to-use touchpoint
  • The centralised message management platform provides a specifications hub: all documentation is available in an instant
  • Multi-user features enable fluent collaboration
  • Powerful validation and simulation tools, with an integrated Wiki-based knowledge base, help to find errors and their solution on the fly
  • Test files for a large variety of transactions can be created at the click of a button
  • Your customers can use self-service features to validate and correct their messages, offering efficient 24/7 onboarding support
  • As a SaaS/cloud service, our tools provide intuitive web interfaces or can be integrated with existing systems under consideration of strict data security aspects

XMLdation is the leading provider of validation, simulation and message management services. Our broad expertise enables us to offer innovative productivity solutions for current and future standards. We assist your entire development life cycle by offering the right tool for the job, from requirements specification through design, implementation, testing, deployment and maintenance to customer onboarding.

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For whom?

Our customers are transaction service providers, such as banks, e-invoicing providers, API providers and many more. If your business relies on processsing financial or other transactions based on the exchange of standardised messages (e.g. XML, JSON, other API formats), our services are for you.

Your customers benefit just as much from our services: through access to XMLdation's self-service onboarding and support tools, corporates interacting with your systems (e.g. a company sending payment files to a bank, or a mobile software developer using an API for processing payments), our services become part of your customer service experience.

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