Customer support and onboarding

Errors often have a small cause, but locating and fixing them can be a time-consuming and cost-intensive process. Strengthening support for corporate customers is the most efficient way to speed up the implementation of transaction messaging flows. We enable you to provide your customers with instant and easy access to a powerful validation engine - ensuring a supreme e-support experience while saving your time and money.

XMLdation Validator is the leading validator for payments, e-invoices and other financial messages. A fully secured cloud-based service with context-sensitive validation and automated real-time feedback, it validates structure and syntax as well as bank-/customer-specific business rules and business logic.

Our service can be applied to test and validate payment-related ISO 20022 XML files (SEPA, non-SEPA, PACS, CAMT, etc. in various versions) along with other XML types/standards and JSON; in addition, communication with APIs can be validated in a similar manner.

With our SaaS offering, transaction service providers can grant their customers access to a validation engine that always uses the latest definitions and provides instant and up-to-date documentation.


Faster and better validation

Without the proper tools, customer onboarding is slow and binds resources. We can change that! Our Validator checks that incoming messages comply with the specifications and gives actionable feedback.

Compared to the repetitive and resource-heavy process of manual validation through a customer service helpdesk, a validation service accessible 24/7 online brings major productivity gains. For the customer, changes can be revalidated iteratively with instant results. The validation component can also be deployed locally (as a Java Archive, .jar).

In addition to the reduced need for personal communication and the sped-up repetition of validation runs, the most immediate benefit for developers is a high-quality error report:

Compared to classic validation tools, capable to highlight what fields in a XML messages fail to validate, our user-friendly XMLdation Validator provides actionable instructions along with easy-to-read error messages. Since the validator knows all the schema and business rules, it can not only point out where a file contains an error but suggests corrections or illustrate possible interdependencies. Reports interlinked with a Wiki-based knowledge base enable developers to identify required corrections immediately.

"Self-onboarding" with instant access

Our validation service does not only provide fast and actionable results. Since support is at its best when instant and available 24/7, we offer our service as online self-service.

Transaction service providers offering validation services to their customers using our XMLdation Validator benefit from instant user activation, with no waiting times for the customer. Registration takes under 30 seconds. Once registered, your customers can start using the service immediately. Onboarding has never been easier - for provider and customer.


Documentation and example files

Based on the specifications stored in the system, customers receive up-to-date specifications and example files. Developers can access auto-generated documentation in various formats, such as message implementation guidelines (MIGs) and others. Our Wiki service provides detailed information for debugging purposes. Thanks to the advanced lifecycle management, even offering up-to-date documentation for different versions is possible with ease.

As a transaction service provider, you can further auto-generate example files and make them available for download. Created in a scripted process, these further speed up the development process.

End-to-end testing with XMLdation Simulator

Validating messages for compliance is not always enough. Just as with validation, the manual simulation of error conditions and the exchange of message files via a helpdesk are not efficient means of working. With our XMLdation Simulator service, manual testing workflows can be automated to simulate the processing of transaction messages. Using our end-to-end simulator, the entire flow including responses, can be tested. This significantly shortens development timeframes.

Integrated end-to-end testing covers the entire event, from first initiation to the reception of the bank-specific response message. Our Simulator service facilitates process simulation for any scenario without long setup times, enabling constant and repeated testing with little to no additional effort. Problems can be identified early and retesting modifications does not cause significant workload. This can even be automated using scripted batches.

Validating XML and more

The XMLdation Validator is not limited to XML: various other file formats (like CSV, fixed length and MT) can be validated. With the addition of API and JSON validation and simulation capabilities, XMLdation’s services even make it possible to return diagnostic information for developers of applications based on communication with your APIs.
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