Rule management and documentation

With myXML, XMLdation provides a centralised specifications hub: a versatile database of XML/JSON schemas and business rules, with reusable standards libraries and integrated version management. The data stored can be used to generate a range of documentation formats, for message validation, and to generate test data. You can offer validation rules, example files and documentation to your customers as part of your onboarding offering.

Messaging standards rarely consist of just one set of definitions. Our services are built around the cascade of industry standards, national peculiarities, domain specifics, market rules and company applications. Our clients focus on getting their job done, while our services make working with multi-layered standards a breeze.

As an example, a simple ISO 20022 XML payment message has to comply with up to six levels of rules: the XML and ISO standards, the CGI market practice, applicable national and regional standards, and various bank-specific rules. The architecture of XMLdation's services bundles them into one interface to work with.

While XML (Extensible Markup Language) has long taken centre stage in payment and other applications, and our services were initially developed around this versatile data exchange format, our offering similarly accommodates any evolving messaging formats and already today can be applied to support the latest developments like the XS2A directive, the trend towards open banks and APIs, blockchain integration etc. Most prominently, the agile JSON format (JavaScript Object Notation), popular in Fintech with mobile applications and API-based data exchange, is fully supported by all our services.

Reusable libraries

To simplify the handling of various specification layers, our service utilizes reusable libraries. Pre-existing rule libraries cover global standards such as ISO 20022, CGI-MP etc., while customer-specific libraries can be created to cover your requirements. Users of myXML may also clone and modify existing libraries or build their own - any scenario can be handled without the need to recreate already existing rules.

Version management and collaborative features

Message management – more specifically XML and JSON management – refers to the centralised storage, distribution and utilisation of standard definitions and provides major productivity benefits. In the long run, the most efficient workflow is to bundle the maintenance of standard-based rules into one collaborative message management platform.

myXML eliminates the need to maintain various documentation processes for file specifications and proprietary business or country rules. Provided as a SaaS solution in the cloud, features for collaboration come natively with the service. No matter how big your team, all rules and specifications are always up-to-date.

The service simplifies the maintenance of different versions and significantly reduces the complexity of documentation management, including many time-consuming customer service routines. For instance, our service automatically generates the required documents from the multi-layered business data stored in the database; changes and version differences can easily be accessed through integrated lifecycle management tools.



Integrated message validation service

In addition to being a user-friendly platform for all tasks related to message management, myXML integrates seamlessly with XMLdation’s world-leading message validation service. Serving as a backend system, myXML provides you with direct access to its internals: schemas and rules can be used directly in validation and simulation tasks that significantly cut implementation project timeframes.

Validating message files and simulating their processing has been our core competency since 2009. When generating and processing transaction messages, even the slightest inconsistencies matter. Establishing a work flow and thoroughly testing any possible error is an expensive and time-consuming task when carried out manually. By being integrated with the core message management platform, our cloud-based services enable your development team to comprehensively test transaction systems with minimal effort – based on the specifications already set up in the system.
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