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Gartner: Transaction Banking Needs Open Collaboration for a Frictionless World
Gartner highlights that open collaboration is becoming essential for transaction banking and customers. The analyst report stresses the importance of standard-based open collaboration frameworks like XMLdation for a more cost- and time ...

Mapping Validation – Efficient Verification of XML Format Conversions
The Mapping Validation feature of the XMLdation Service verifies the successful data transformation between two files. It does not carry out any transformation tasks itself, but validates the input and output file, ensuring ...

CGI-MP is Now Available in Webstore
Credit Transfer ACH & Wired, CT Cheque and Direct Debit according to CGI-MP implementation guides are now also available from the XMLdation webstore.

XMLdation Service Now Supports Big Files
New add-on feature, the XMLdation Service can now process files of up to 100 MB at once.

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Invitation: Complimentary Webinar on Efficient STR With E2E Integration Testing. 25th November 2014
Join us for a free 30-minute webinar at 3pm CET to learn about the latest tools for end-to-end testing: | The challenges of E2E integration testing | How XMLdation supports STR and its fine tuning | Expert demo: Generating PSR, camt.053