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FATCA XML 1.1 availble now
FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) FATCA XML ver 1.1 in now availabe in XMLdation store. Implementation has been made according to IRS implementation guide.

UniCredit Bank Austria Supports Customers in XML Migration
As corporate customers are facing the need to migrate their cash management processes to XML, UniCredit Bank Austria has chosen a proactive role to support their clients. By utilizing the XMLdation Service, the bank has been able to provide the best ....

New CEO Kai Kunnasmaa: “We Are Expanding Our Service Coverage”
Mr. Kai Kunnasmaa has been appointed CEO of XMLdation in November 2014. He has long experience in international sales management and general management positions in various technology companies...

Webinar summary: Efficient end-to-end integration testing with the XMLdation Service. 25.Nov. 2014
In a webinar on 25 November, XMLdation gave an overview on the use of the XMLdation Service for efficient end-to-end integration testing and to support straight-through-reconciliation integration (STR). Plain validation of outgoing XML messages does not

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Complimentary Webinar how to accelerate your SEPA Direct Debit deployment together with Eastnets 22nd January 2015
During the webinar, EastNets and XMLdation experts will explore services facilitating your SEPA Direct Debit deployment.