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Newsletter October 2014
Free Webinar on E2E Testing | Validating XML Conversions | EuroFinance Budapest Recap

CGI-MP is Now Available in Webstore
Credit Transfer ACH & Wired, CT Cheque and Direct Debit according to CGI-MP implementation guides are now also available from the XMLdation webstore.

XMLdation Service Now Supports Big Files
New add-on feature, the XMLdation Service can now process files of up to 100 MB at once.

Upcoming Events

Invitation: Complimentary Webinar on Efficient STR With E2E Integration Testing. 25th November 2014
Join us for a free 30-minute webinar at 3pm CET to learn about the latest tools for end-to-end testing: | The challenges of E2E integration testing | How XMLdation supports STR and its fine tuning | Expert demo: Generating PSR, camt.053