XML management made easy

Saving time and money

Easy access to XML validation is key in customer on-boarding

Instant access to validation is a highly appreciated form of e-support, providing corporates with a supreme experience while reducing banks’ effort.

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Automated test file generation – creating messages for comprehensive testing in an instant

The automated creation of test files is one of many benefits from a streamlined workflow facilitated by centralized XML management.

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A proven solution

Case: UniCredit Bank Austria Supports Customers in XML Migration

As corporate customers are facing the need to migrate their cash management processes to XML, UniCredit Bank Austria has chosen a proactive role to support their clients. By utilizing the XMLdation Service, the bank has been able to provide the best possible support for their customers, with positive results throughout.

Reference case

Case: Central Bank of Savings Banks Finland, Custom XML handling for clearing files

Under the Professional Services label, XMLdation provides its expertise to customers looking for simple solutions to complex XML challenges. Central Bank of Savings Banks Finland commissioned a dedicated software solution to prepare for the potentially time-critical need to split XML payments and auto-create EBA Clearing cancellation messages.

Reference case

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