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Whitepaper: Automated interfaces for XML validation facilitate continuous software testing
SO 20022 XML is a standardized format, yet due to dialects and variations in message content its handling is anything but trivial. Software has to be tested thoroughly to ensure that their XML output satisfies the receiving payment service providers’ ...

Whitepaper: Payment process simulation in the cloud: Paving the way for scalable end-to-end testing
As ISO 20022 XML is replacing the plethora of older message formats, it is easily overseen that, even under application of the new standards, the handling of financial transactions between payment service providers and payment service users READ more...

Case Samlink 2.2015
Ensuring error-free data communication with corporates is a core requirement for the provision of high quality banking services. Finnish IT service provider Samlink improved its business by integrating the XMLdation Service into the customer service ...

FATCA XML 1.1 available now
FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) FATCA XML ver 1.1 in now availabe in XMLdation store. Implementation has been made according to IRS implementation guide.

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EBAday 2015 - 12-13 May in Amsterdam
Our new cloud solution myXML is taking center stage as XMLdation showcases the latest innovations on the exhibition floor at EBAday 2015 in Amsterdam in May, organised by the Euro Banking Association and Finextra Research.